In a Cowboy’s Bed

Author: Cat Johnson, Vonna Harper, Lynn LaFleur

Publisher: Kensington Aphrodisia

Release Date: July 30, 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


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Forget the rodeo cowboys who only have to stay on a bull for eight seconds to garner accolades for a moment and look to working cowboys… you know the ones who talk with a slow drawl, sit in the saddle all day, and possess lean bodies ready for action at any given moment.  They are your to-die-for cowboys!  IN A COWBOY’S BED presents readers with three stories of cowboys who are in every essence the embodiment of cowboys.

TWO FOR THE ROAD by Cat Johnson

Heather London is tired of her mother manipulating her image and the roles she accepts.  Determined to break free, she accepts a photo shoot that her mother definitely wouldn’t approve of, before disappearing in a borrowed car.  Where she ends up is a ranching operation in Oklahoma with Ned and Ben who are more than ready, willing and able to indulge in her very adult desires.


I loved Cat Johnson’s story simply because Heather is such a headstrong character who’s permitted her mother to run her life for so long.  She’s breaking free in a big way and I found that really inspiring.  Of course loving Ned and Ben lends a certain daring to her endeavors and as a reader you really want them to get their happily-ever-after while at the same time want Heather to obtain the sort of movie roles she desires.


SOUL OF A COWBOY by Vonna Harper

Investigative reporter Kathy Vinoza dreams of a real home with family ties and history – something’s she’s never had so she’s fascinated by her latest assignment, Mike Moss, who leases public lands for his livestock.  What she doesn’t expect is for him to be so absolutely drool worthy or to be so agitated by his concerns over her article.  One thing is certain, there are enough sparks between the two of them to start a raging forest fire.


Environmentalists and ranchers often go up against each other so Vonna Harper’s story is quite intriguing from that stance alone.  Fortunately Kathy is looking for the truth and not out to harm Mike’s operation in anyway which is a good thing because this couple just fits together so perfectly it’s hard to imagine them not together.



Keely Sheridan’s lived with her infatuation with Nick since high school – and has fond memories of their high school graduation festivities.  Granted, Nick had been inebriated and she took advantage of him, but it was still her maiden voyage into womanhood, however, Nick doesn’t remember it at all.  He hasn’t shown any interest in her since then but when he gets injured, during a firefighting incident, Keely steps up to take care of his needs and discovers that he’s a man well worth loving.  Unfortunately he doesn’t believe he can become involved in a relationship while his ranch is in such financial trouble.


This might have very well been my favorite story in the anthology.  I loved Keely’s headstrong attitude even in the face of Nick’s disgruntlement over not being able to do his normal daily activities.  Nick’s attitude regarding his ranch and asking for help is so ‘typical cowboy’ that I just had to smile – really loved that his friends and neighbors showed up to help anyway.  There’s a link between Keely and Nick that’s evident right from the beginning of the story and I adored watching their relationship change and grow.


Cat Johnson, Vonna Harper and Lynn LaFleur certainly don’t skimp on the heat with their anthology, IN A COWBOY’S BED.  Modern day storylines complete with daring and smart heroines and cowboys who maintain their stoic persona even when times are hard make this an anthology you won’t want to miss.


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By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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