In Your Eyes

Author: Laura Moore

Publisher: Ivy Books

Release Date: July 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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When artist Genevieve Monaghan was commissioned by the TLM Fund to paint a mural for
Boston' s children's hospital, she had no idea that it would bring her into contact with wealthy and handsome Alex Miller. From the moment they meet, sparks flash between them as they struggle to keep up a professional facade in the face of some scorching chemistry. Alex's Aunt Grace allows Gen to work on the painting in her house in the Hamptons , a fact which has made Alex very leery. He is very protective of his Aunt Grace and doesn't want anyone to hurt her. Alex's family has suffered greatly in the past due to a devastating family tragedy, so he is very overprotective of the family he has left.

Alex soon comes to realize that Gen cares about his Aunt Grace as much as he does. Not only that, but Gen and Alex start to care very deeply for each other. Just as the painting progresses, so does Alex and Gen's relationship. Though they only see the differences between themselves at first, Alex's wealth and position in society compared to Gen's normal upbringing, soon those differences mean nothing as a passionate love flares between Gen and Alex. Alex is excited and has never felt happier in his life because he knows Gen is the only woman for him. After a lifetime spent in meaningless relationships and encounters with meaningless women, Alex has finally met someone who makes him want to give marriage and family life a try. Though Gen is equally leery, she too wants to spend her life with Alex. Their relationship continues to grow stronger when a disastrous encounter with Alex's ex-girlfriend forces Gen to relinquish any hopes of a future with Alex. Can their love survive, or are they destined to a life apart? Pick up Laura Moore' s latest, IN YOUR EYES, and find out for yourself.


IN YOUR EYES thrives on emotions as Alex experiences true love for the first time in his life. Gen is equally thrilled with Alex and treasures every moment spent with him. Though it is a fast-paced and poignant story, there are plenty of humorous moments to balance out the strong emotions of Alex and Gen. The comical dog Murphy definitely keeps the laughter rolling off the pages. Laura Moore has written a thrilling story that any romance fan will enjoy. Alex and Gen are a great couple and the reader will be eagerly anticipating the many wonderful moments between them. I highly recommended IN YOUR EYES as the perfect summer time treat.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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