In Too Deep

Author: Portia Da Costa

Publisher: Black Lace

Release Date: November 11, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Gwendolynne Price is highly scandalized and very turned on when she receives a mysterious letter in the library’s suggestion box. It is a letter to her and it is very erotic and sexy in nature. It is signed only Nemesis and Gwendolynne now has a burning desire to know who this mystery man is. Gwen knows who she wants it to be, but whether it is the shy and studious Professor Daniel Brewster, she just does not know.

The letter sparks her interest even more in Daniel and Gwen starts to wonder if he is sending her the notes. She finds ways to throw herself into his path and get to know him better, all the while continuing to receive notes, emails, and even passionate online chats with Nemesis. The mystery around him grows, as does Gwen’s interest in the different personalities of Daniel. Is he Nemesis? What if her mystery man turns out to be someone she is not interested in?


Sexy, sexy, sexy! Portia Da Costa had me hooked on the mystery of Nemesis just as much as Gwendolynne was intrigued. The author’s way with words paints a thrilling picture of a mystifying lust from afar. Gwen knows that pursuing this unidentified man may not be in her best interests but she knows she has to have answers all the same. I loved how the relationship between Nemesis and Gwendolynne grew stronger and more intense. He seemed to know her inner secrets and just how to make her feel seductive. At the same time, Gwen’s growing relationship with Daniel is making her feel the heat live and in person. Their encounters become more forceful and loving as the story continues. This is an intriguing and very fun story. Portia Da Costa has a definite flair for putting the mystery back into romance!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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Romance Junkies Content Editor: Dina Smith

Romance Junkies Publishing Editor: Sarah W


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