His Royal Love-Child

Author: Lucy Monroe

Publisher: Harlequin Presents

Release Date: June 1, 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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When Danette Michaels wanted to change her life, she did it in a big way.  After being betrayed and hurt by her ex-boyfriend, she got a new job and moved all the way from Portland, Oregon to Palermo, Italy.  A childhood infirmity left Danette rather withdrawn, but she has definitely come a long way from the shy girl she used to be.  She's doing a great job at Scorsolini Shipping.  She even has a very active social life now.  Well, sort of.  Danette is having a secret affair with Principe Marcello Scorsolini.  Marcello runs the shipping company, a major part of his family's large business holdings.  At first, the secrecy didn't bother Danette, but she's beginning to wonder why Marcello doesn't want anyone at all to know about their affair.  Is he ashamed of her?

Prince Marcello Scorsolini is a widower.  He truly cares about Danette and wants their affair to continue, but he's not looking for a permanent relationship.  Marcello doesn't want to share his reasons for avoiding a commitment, but he certainly believes they are valid.  He's been keeping his affair with Danette private mainly to protect her from the press.  He doesn't want to lose her, but his reasons for secrecy haven't changed.  How far will he go to keep Danette in his life?


Things between Marcello and Danette are already complicated enough, but fate isn't finished with either of them just yet.  Everything changes when Danette discovers she's pregnant.  She doesn't know what to think or even how she feels.  Marcello doesn't have any problem with his feelings!  Danette loves Marcello, but does he love her back?  Or does he just want to stay with her for the sake of their baby?  The answer means everything to Danette.


HIS ROYAL LOVE-CHILD is exactly the kind of romance I love to read.  First of all, Lucy Monroe is tops at creating incredible alpha heroes who are larger than life, yet balanced by a certain down-to-earth, human appeal.  Marcello is a perfect example.  He may be royalty, but that doesn't mean his life is problem-free.  As his secret lover, Danette is an ordinary woman in rather extraordinary circumstances.  The causes of her relationship troubles with Marcello might be unusual, but the result is the same: turmoil.  I totally enjoyed learning about the circumstances that molded Marcello and Danette, and finding out how they resolved their particular set of problems.  What makes Lucy Monroe's books extra-special are the real-life problems she fictionalizes in her stories.  Danette's childhood scoliosis was perfectly woven into the story, offering subtle encouragement to those who might suffer from the disorder and information to those who want to understand it better.  Way to go, Lucy!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Alane

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