Goodness Had Nothing To Do With It

Author: Lucy Monroe

Publisher: Kensington Zebra

Release Date: December 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Marcus Danvers has been celibate for eighteen months.  He blames Veronica Richards.  His former lover and employee seemed sweet and innocent, but she betrayed Marcus and his company right before she disappeared from Seattle and his life.  For some reason, no other woman has captured his interest since then.  At least business is going well.  A technology company in Portland has just hired his firm to investigate possible corporate espionage.  He's shocked to discover that Ronnie has been working at the company for several months.  Should Marcus put her name at the top of the suspect list?  Maybe, but that doesn't mean he won't perform a thorough investigation.

Veronica Richards can't believe her eyes.  What is Marcus doing at her new workplace?  She never expected to see him again.  She's sure that Marcus must hate her for what she did.  If there had been more between them than just sex, Veronica might have considered confiding in him.  But she knew from the beginning that Marcus didn't want to get to know her outside of bed.  So why would he want to listen to her personal problems?  It's not like he would have wanted to help, right?  Looking back, she knows she probably could have handled things differently, but she was desperate at the time.  She regretted the betrayal and she regretted the way her time with Marcus ended, but she believed she had no choice.


Marcus has the power to destroy Veronica's career with a single word to her boss.  She knows her innocence won't save her.  The circumstances of her earlier betrayal won't matter.  And Marcus will be gone from her life forever this time.  But for some reason, Marcus isn't saying anything to her boss.  He's threatening to blackmail her, but she doesn't believe he would really stoop so low.  And the chemistry between them is hotter than ever.  Can there ever be more between them than just sex?  Will Veronica ever share her secrets with Marcus?  And just what is going to happen when the investigation is complete?


Wow!  GOODNESS HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT is an incredible sequel to COME UP AND SEE ME SOMETIME.  The story easily stands alone, but readers of the earlier book in the series will appreciate the insight into returning characters.  I loved getting to know a whole lot more about Marcus Danvers.  I wondered what had happened to trigger Veronica's betrayal and I hoped there would be a logical explanation.  The steamy, sizzling chemistry between Marcus and Ronnie and the mystery of the corporate spy kept me turning pages long into the night.  It was worth every second of lost sleep!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Alane

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