Forgotten Mistress, Secret Love-Child

Author: Annie West

Publisher: Mills & Boon / Presents Extra

Release Date: U.K. December 2009 / U.S. April 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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Once upon a time Carys Wells pinned all her hopes and dreams of a happily-ever-after on Alessandro, but then insecurities drove them apart.  Since the break up, Carys has taken a position at a posh hotel which allows her the sort of hours she needs to spend with her young son.  There’s no denying that she still thinks about Alessandro often and would love for him to have a relationship with their son but he obviously wants nothing to do with either of them since he’s ignored every attempt she’s made to contact him. 

Alessandro Mattani doesn’t remember Carys at all.  An accident soon after their break up resulted in a case of amnesia and he’s been struggling to regain his memories.  Thus far nothing’s worked but when he sees a promotional flier that happens to have Carys’ picture on it, Alessandro experiences a pang of longing and certainty that this woman could be the key to unlocking his memory.


Since a good majority of the staff of Langford Hotel has been struck down with a nasty case of the flu, Carys is forced to take up the slack and make sure that the scheduled masked ball goes off without a hitch.  For the revelers, the ball is a success, but for Carys it’s an unmitigated disaster because one particular masked man has taken an unexpected and unwelcome interest in her.  He reminds her so much of Alessandro and yet he’s very different – it’s not until he calls her later that evening that she learns that her stranger really is her old lover.  Despite her independence her love for Alessandro is as strong as ever – and she’s so afraid he’s decided that he wants his son after all and what hope does she have of stopping him from taking Leo away.  It’s odd that Alessandro doesn’t even mention their son and why is he behaving like he doesn’t remember their time together?  It’s obvious that his body remembers her very well – as hers does his.  How will Alessandro respond when he learns the details of their relationship and discovers he has a son he’s never met? 


Annie West has officially cemented herself a place on my auto buy list.   With her combination of warm charismatic characters, strong plotline and a few surprise twists and turns, Ms. West manages to captivate her readers from beginning to end with FORGOTTEN MISTRESS, SECRET LOVE-CHILD.  The passion between this couple alternates from anger to lust and back again so you’re never quite sure what will happen between them next.  Carys won me over with her headstrong personality and her determination to overcome her reading disability.  She’s a strong woman yet displays a vulnerability that allows readers to be able to relate to her.  Alessandro is a proud (and of course, very sexy) Italian man who’s found himself in the difficult position of having a past he can’t remember and a child he’s never met.  This story is a lot of fun and full of many scenes that will make you smile as well as a few that made me wish I could give Carys a big ‘high five’.  I’ll definitely be on the lookout for more titles by Ms. West.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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