Love in the Fleet, book 2 - Forget Me Not

Author: Heather Ashby

Publisher: Amber House Books

Release Date: July 1, 2014

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5.0 +RR

Format: EBOOK

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Navy pilot Lt. Brian Crawford was considered a playboy and had no wish to settle down with one woman. His easy distractibility had earned him the call sign Skylark, or known as Sky to his friends. The only place his ADHD does not seem to affect him is at the controls of his Navy Seahawk helicopter. Unfortunately, he was distracted from getting up close and personal with his latest conquest by a howling cat. His date makes him promise to take the cat to a vet and then find a proper home for her. That is how he ends up at the veterinarian’s office with a stray cat. While fulfilling his promise he meets the vet, Daisy. Although she gives Sky the cold shoulder, he is determined to win her over. Keeping the cat will also give him more opportunities to see the vet. However, he soon finds that whenever he experiences nightmares from the PTSD he suffers, the cat wakes him up.

Dr. Daisy Schneider had been married to a helicopter pilot who had been killed in Afghanistan. She even suffers guilt from believing she should have been able to save him. Afraid of losing someone else she loves and still grieving for her husband, Daisy has no interest in dating and no plans to ever wed again, especially to another military man. In addition to her practice, she volunteers and has two rescue dogs, filling up her hours to avoid the loneliness. Though she tries to put Sky off, he is very persistent as he accompanies her on her many volunteer trips and proves himself quite helpful. Soon Daisy finds his ability to make her laugh and his sweet kisses too much to resist.

Sky has fallen for the sexy doctor and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. However, they each have issues they need to overcome, especially when a group of drug runners are added into the mix and the past seems to be recurring.

A deliciously sexy tale, FORGET ME NOT, the second book in gifted author Heather Ashby’s LOVE IN THE FLEET series, is a poignant, action-packed, contemporary military romance. Within a few pages, you will quickly become invested in Sky and Daisy’s story and by the time you reach the end of this riveting story, you will feel as if you are leaving old friends whom you cannot wait to revisit. Ms. Ashby’s exceptional storytelling style and authentic details transports you into the lives of her characters and takes you along on their exploits.

Loss, grief, healing, love, second chances, humor, PTSD, drug running, suspense, high seas adventure, rescue dogs, a guard cat and tender romance combine to give readers an unforgettable story. I also enjoyed revisiting the characters from the first story. Although FORGET ME NOT can be read as a standalone, I advise also reading the first book in this amazing series, FORGIVE AND FORGET. After reading the first story, I could not wait and immediately picked this one up and started reading. But do not take my word for it – pick up a copy of your own and fall in love. However, make sure you have enough time to read the whole book because once you start reading you will not want to put it down!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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