Flynn's Kiss (Disarmed and Dangerous, Book 1)

Author: Diane Saxon

Publisher: Taliesin Publishing LLC

Release Date: April 1, 2014

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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FLYNN'S KISS is a contemporary romance from an author that manages to engage all my senses and emotions as I read.  The characters are so very real that I can feel their emotions and sympathize and empathize as needed.  Flynn, a true alpha male, has a hard time showing his feelings especially with the trauma he faced as a Special Forces operative.  Liberty is not at all what she seems when she's first introduced.  Watching them help each other heal was heartwarming as they each slowly let us see who they each are and what has shaped their lives.

Saxon's FLYNN'S KISS has many undercurrents to the storyline.  The epilogue set the stage and I was reunited with many of the characters we met in the ATLANTIC DIVIDE SERIES which was the icing on the cake and very unexpected even though you did not have to read that series since enough information was given to keep you in the storyline.  Flynn and Liberty had immediate chemistry even though it was across the way in a crowded bar but watch out when they finally do come face to face.  Neither is what the other one expects but the pull is there and we slowly get to know each of them even through their wariness of each other and their numerous flights in the opposite direction.  Catching up with Kate and Jack, Bill, Sam and Lydia amongst others made it an even more enjoyable read.  Buddy was a character that deserves what he gets. There were family and friends along with sadness, happiness, laughter, tears, romance and love. There was a happily ever after but much more story to tell.  An epilogue or a few more chapters would have wrapped it up nicely and I can only hope that we will get the closure I'm looking for once the next book in the series is out.

This book did not disappoint and I'm looking forward to reading future books in the series as well as future books by Saxon.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Jo

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