Finding Refuge:Heart's Redemption; Book Two

Author: Lucy Francis

Publisher: Lucy Francis

Release Date: June 15, 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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When Travis Holt first laid his eyes on Andromeda Miller he was instantly smitten. Too bad the last thing Travis needs in his life is a nice girl like Andri. He is carrying around a ton of baggage and a history of letting down the ones he loves. Travis is convinced that a happy ever after is not possible for his future, and he doesn’t want to risk adding Andri to the list of people that he has hurt.

Leaving her cheating fiancé behind, Andri is staying with her friend Rachel while she decides what to do next with her life. When she meets Rachel’s friend, Travis, Andri recognizes a fellow wounded soul. The nurturer inside her is eager to soothe his pain, while the woman inside her definitely sees him as a man. But Andri is wise enough to realize that loving a man like Travis may be more than she can handle while she is still healing from her own past, no matter how much chemistry there is between them.

Both Andri and Travis know that a relationship between them would bring nothing but heartache. However, there is something that keeps bringing them together despite all the obstacles in their path. Perhaps it is the promise of what could turn out to be an amazing life if only they are willing to take a chance on love again.

FINDING REFUGE is the second story in the HEART’S REDEMPTION series by author Lucy Francis. Beautifully written, with heart-wrenching emotions and real life problems, this is a wonderful story of two people struggling to find their way to forgiveness and happiness. I really enjoyed every moment of FINDING REFUGE and am looking forward to reading whatever Ms. Francis has in store next.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Cheryl McInnis

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