Daddy Wanted

Author: Penelope Marzec

Publisher: Prism Books

Release Date: June 19, 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Finding a pregnancy test in her trash can, Grace discovers that her roommate, Elyse, is in the family way. Elyse is unable to even take care of her pet turtle, leaving it up to Grace. So Grace is concerned about how she will take care of a baby. But Grace is determined to do all she can to help her. After all, Elyse had been there for Grace when her brother died five years ago, helping her survive that devastating period of her life. To make matters worse, Grace has just lost her job as a gaming programmer since her boss was badly injured in a snowboarding accident. Unlike Elyse, Grace has not been dating recently, but she cannot deny her attraction to their neighbor who lives in apartment 2L, although she cannot help wondering if he is a stalker since he always seems to be around, watching her.

Russell Thorpe, an IT repairman, has been searching for The Perfect Woman. His best friend, Zane, is about to get married and Russell had promised Zane’s grandfather, Mr. Dudley, that he would find a woman to marry. Although Russell is not ready to get married anytime soon, he needs someone to attend the wedding with him as his fake fiancée. His neighbor in 3L seems to fit the prerequisites of the The Perfect Woman, or at least those set down by Zane’s grandfather, who had always been there for him. Russell has searched all over New York and his neighbor is the only one he has found yet that matches what he needs. Besides, he cannot deny the desire she stirs in him. As his feelings for her grow, Russell fears that once they get to the wedding in Squash, Montana, someone there will tell her about the scandal that drove him out of the small town. After that he is sure she will have nothing but contempt for him.

However, while taking out the trash for Grace, Russell sees the pregnancy test, which together with Grace’s secretive manner leads him to believe she is pregnant. Meanwhile, Grace is placing an ad on the internet for a daddy for Elyse’s baby and has taken it into her head that Russell, being a dependable guy, would be the perfect candidate, despite her own desire to be with him. When Russell decides to go ahead and invite Grace to be his date anyway despite the possibility that she is pregnant, he is surprised when she insists on bringing Elyse along, too. The surprises are just beginning as Grace tries to use the time to get Russell and Elyse together while Russell is only interested in Grace. But will finding a daddy for Elyse’s baby end up breaking Grace’s heart?

A sweet tale, DADDY WANTED, the latest story by award winning author Penelope Marzec, is a clever, heartwarming contemporary romance. In trying to fix other people’s problems, Grace usually ends up just making matters worse and this time the cost just may be her heart. As for Russell, he cannot understand why Grace insists on talking about Elyse so much when he can barely tolerate the woman. The chemistry between them is very evident as is the dislike between Russell and Elyse. With a mixture of misunderstandings, good intentions, desire, pregnancy, scandal, emotions, romance and love, this story is sure to touch your heart. I recommend this story to those who enjoy sweet romances that leave you with a smile on your face.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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