Courting Sparks

Author: Joselyn Vaughn

Publisher: Avalon

Release Date: December 13, 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Daphne Morrow, an English teacher, is ready to date again. She had dated her longtime boyfriend Aaron in high school, where she had been the homecoming queen. He had liked showing her off to his buddies, but after cheating on her, he had called her on the phone to let her know he would not be picking her up to take her to the family reunion and, by the way, he wanted to date other people.  She had been devastated, but her best male friend Noah, who also happened to be Aaron’s cousin, had stood by her and let her cry on his shoulder. Most of her friends have gotten married and she has served as a bridesmaid for them.  She has a wardrobe of hideous dresses to prove it.

Noah, the athletic director at the high school, also volunteers as a fireman. He has been in love with Daphne since they were children. But she had been his cousin’s girlfriend until he broke up with her, breaking her heart in the process. Noah is desperate to help her get over Aaron, but he has not been able to let her know how he feels, although some of their friends already know. He has not seen or spoken to his look alike cousin since the breakup. All of his friends are getting married and he is ready to settle down, but only with Daphne.

At her friend Miranda’s wedding; Daphne had been handing out candy bars for the Dollar Dance when she caught a whiff of very sexy men’s cologne. But when she turned around to get a look at this dream man, she was shocked to see it was Noah. She has known him since second grade and sees him almost every day, but she has never had such a reaction to him before. At first, she was certain it was just a reaction to the romantic setting of the wedding. But the attraction only grew stronger, so she decided to keep her distance.  After all, she did not want to jeopardize their close friendship.

Noah had been late arriving at Miranda’s wedding due to a forest fire, where a picture had been proved to be the ignition point. Unfortunately, when the photo turns out to be Daphne’s prom picture, she becomes a suspect in the arson. However, when the arsonist strikes again, closer to home, will Daphne discover that friends can also be soul mates?

COURTING SPARKS is a wildly witty, contemporary romance, which readers will find hard to put down until they finish reading the very last page.  The last thing that Daphne wants is to lose her best friend, but how long can Noah accept a ‘friends only’ relationship with the love of his life? Brimming with humorous repartee, sexual tension, wacky weddings, wild bachelorette parties and loads of love, this story is a joy. I highly recommend COURTING SPARKS to anyone looking for a terrific read.  I look forward to reading more works by author Joselyn Vaughn. Those who enjoy this book should also enjoy Ms. Vaughn’s novel, CEO’S DON’T CRY.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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