Cinderella’s Wedding Wish

Author: Jessica Hart

Publisher: Harlequin Romance

Release Date: March 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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Miranda Fairchild has always believed herself to be the ugly duckling amongst a family of beauties and therefore puts no care into her appearance.  Hair pulled back and shapeless suits allow her to fade into the background.  She’s utterly practical except for a few fanciful ideals – her dream house overlooking the sea and her thoughts on marriage and love.  One she can make happen with lots of hard work and the other?  Well, if her Prince Charming never puts in an appearance then she’ll settle for a dog.


Rafe Knighton has recently taken over his father’s position as the new Chairman and Chief Executive of the Knighton Group.  Unfortunately no one takes him seriously because he’s considered a playboy but he’s determined to change people’s perception of him – by getting married.  Love has nothing to do with finding the right woman; all he needs is to find a serious woman he finds compatible and attractive.  Unfortunately he hasn’t found anyone who fits the bill yet.


Miranda is working as a temp at Knighton Group in the middle of a showdown with a photocopier when she first meets Rafe.  At first Rafe thinks Miranda is nondescript with the exception of her remarkably expressive green eyes and sharp wit.  They engage in a conversation and Rafe is quickly captivated by her quirky sense of humor and how she isn’t throwing herself at him – like most women do. 


Since Miranda’s time at Knighton Group is almost at an end Rafe decides to enlist her services to help arrange a ball.  She’s sure that this idea will only cement his image of a playboy but Rafe believes that he’ll be able to meet the right sort of women while raising funds for his charitable projects.  After visiting his grandmother’s home where they plan to have the ball and with the old woman’s suggestion that he just marry Miranda burning in his ear he realizes that Miranda’s everything he could want in a spouse.  The problem is she’s looking for a Prince Charming and happily ever after where love is all they’d need and he’s well aware of how all encompassing and devastating that sort of relationship can be. Dare either of them dream of a life together when their dreams seem so very different? 


CINDERELLA’S WEDDING WISH is an enchanting modern day fairy tale which allows readers to believe in their own happily-ever-after.  Miranda’s had more than her fair share of heartaches and is generally very practical.  It’s the times when she goes with her feelings that make her so very adorable.  She’s a beautiful woman in both body and spirit but she’s buried her own attractiveness under attitude and frumpy clothes.  Rafe has played the field and been with plenty of women but now that it’s time to settle down he’s having trouble finding the one woman with whom he wants to share the rest of his life.  I got a huge kick out of Rafe’s grandmother and how she and Miranda’s sister Octavia play ‘fairy godmothers’ with a unique twist. 


Jessica Hart has quickly become an author who I’ve come to admire.  Her stories are inspiring and leave readers with a good feeling deep in their hearts.  Be sure to watch for Ms. Hart’s next book HONEYMOON WITH THE BOSS to be released in June 2009.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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