One Night with a Cowboy – An Oklahoma Nights Romance

Author: Cat Johnson

Publisher: Brava

Release Date: March 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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Becca Hart had it all.  A career she loves working for a prestigious New York university, a boyfriend (almost fiancé), a condo and Emma, her sister who provides all the emotional support Becca could ever need.  Unfortunately her neat orderly life comes crashing down around her in one fell swoop.   Her position at the university has been eliminated and she arrives home just in time to catch her boyfriend in the process of moving out.  Unable to find a decent local job, Becca searches online and finds the perfect position – only it’s in Oklahoma.

Becca wasn’t going to apply for the position at OSU but Emma submitted her résumé without Becca’s knowledge – so you can imagine her surprise when she receives a phone call regarding coming in for an interview.  Of course, Emma’s thrilled, especially when she discovers that there’s a rodeo the night they arrive.  Emma insists they have to go for the cultural aspect, but there’s no denying that hot, sexy cowboys in their natural element is a huge draw.  For Becca it’s merely caving in to Emma’s enthusiasm, but once she meets Tucker, well, there’s something to be said for ‘getting back in the saddle.’


Tucker Jenkins has no qualms about getting on the back of a bucking bull but when it comes to women he’s a little gun-shy thanks to his cheating ex.  He’s taken a hands off approach to women until he notices Becca in the stands.  It’s obvious that she’s extremely out of place amongst the fans and buckle bunnies and that might just be part of the appeal.   He assumes that she will be returning to the big city – and she believes he travels the rodeo circuit.  They’re both wrong and equally surprised when they come face to face at a faculty mixer.


Whether it’s cowboys or military men, Cat Johnson knows how to entice her readers to skip chores and immerse themselves in a good read – and ONE NIGHT WITH A COWBOY is definitely guilty of causing fans to do just such a thing.  On the surface Tucker and Emma are such different characters that it’s hard to imagine them as a couple, but then you get to know them and you can’t imagine them with anyone else.  What I especially love about ONE NIGHT WITH A COWBOY is how Ms. Johnson delves into basic human emotion, combines it with raw sensuality and wraps it all up in a scorching hot storyline that caters to women’s fantasies.


After reading ONE NIGHT WITH A COWBOY I’ll be anxiously awaiting the rest of the OKLAHOMA NIGHTS series, especially the next one which is about Becca’s sister, Emma.


TWO TIMES AS HOT – due to be released September 24, 2013

THREE WEEKS WITH A BULL RIDER – expected to be released in April 2014


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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