Brush Strokes

Author: Jax Cassidy

Publisher: Amber Quill Press

Release Date: January 10, 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: E-BOOK

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Sage Tyler, a stunning, demure woman and art gallery aide in the striking city of  Paris, learns of an exclusive club called Plaisirs Sombres, which the influential attend. It is a place where identities are concealed and fantasies are fulfilled. She is tired of not having a love life so one evening she secretly circumvents the narrow streets of  Paris and daringly knocks on the club door. She hears the lock click open and she is stunned at being awarded entrance into the elusive domain. She can’t believe she is doing this but she walks on ahead. What surprises await Sage in this secretive Parisian realm?

After she gets her instructions and club rules from the hostess and puts on her mask, the concierge leads her to a seat at the bar. The sensual ambiance of the place assails her senses, tantalizing her to depths unknown. She is taken aback when a veiled man with the bluest eyes she has ever seen introduces himself to her. Immediately, desires from parts heretofore fill her with need. She wants this delicious and oh so masculine man to take her now! Who is he and does he fulfill her wildest dreams of unadulterated passion?


Damien, the famous artist called D.S. Gregoire, is the owner of the exclusive Plaisirs Sombres nightclub. His erotic artwork is known around the world for its physical, sexual imagery. The striking beauty of the woman who just entered his place of business dazzles him. He absolutely needs to know who she is but there are club rules. One of the five decrees states no real names. Ha, but he is the owner! He can do what he wants. Sidling up next to her and making casual chitchat, the air between them absolutely sizzles with electricity. One seductive, tongue-dancing kiss and this amorous pair are immediately caught up in each other’s arms. Will these two love crazed strangers who have enough electricity to light up all of Paris make a love connection that transcends time?

Jax Cassidy’s new novella, BRUSH STROKES, is a brilliant tale of passionate love. Sage Tyler, searching for one night of unmitigated passion lands in the lap of an extremely handsome and virile Frenchman. Damien, an artist known the world over for his erotic artworks, is drawn to Sage’s stunning beauty. Ms. Cassidy mingles passion and love so strong that it creates magic on the page! I was touched by Damien’s generous and caring spirit as he seductively charmed Sage. Ms. Cassidy creates beautiful imagery with her gifted storytelling, creating a love that fills the heart then leaves a person breathless. BRUSH STROKES ignites a fire within us all and shines for always.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Michele Rioli

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