The Naughty List

Author: Donna Kauffman, Cynthia Eden, Susan Fox

Publisher: Kensington Brava

Release Date: October 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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NAUGHTY BUT NICE by Donna Kauffman

Irish businessman Griffin is determined to transform Hamilton from a small close-knit community to a global commodity.  His plan would revive the town and bring in much needed revenue.  However, not everyone shares his enthusiasm.  Melody owns the town bakery and she isn’t interested in changing anything about her life or the town.  Griffin and Melody may have differing views on the future of Hamilton, but that doesn’t stop them from caving into the passion broiling between them. 

Donna Kauffman kicks off THE NAUGHTY LIST anthology with an utterly charming story that will drive home the power of love versus adversity.   I got a kick out of the sparks flying between Griffin and Melody and love how they’re able to express their feelings regarding the town and the reasons behind their points of view.    Besides all that you get to revisit HAMILTON and the people who make it so special.  Look for other HAMILTON stories, pick up copies of these anthologies:






Toy creator Christie Crenshaw’s ego has taken a blow since her ex-boyfriend has already moved on – and more than likely cheated on her before their split.  Christmas is quickly approaching and she’s been a very good girl this year but what she wants won’t fit in a stocking – a red hot scorching fling … no strings attached.  Given the opportunity she even perches on Santa’s lap and whispers her request to him.   Police officer Jonas (AKA Santa Stud) has wanted Christie for years and he’s definitely more than willing to deliver her gift personally. 


Cynthia Eden makes brainy women downright sexy.  I adored Christie’s spunky attitude and how she refuses to back down from what she wants. Jonas is really very sweet and loveable – as well as undeniably sexy.   This story has the perfect blend of humor, suspense, scorching sex and Christmas cheer.




Charlie’s whole reason for returning to her hometown is to fix up her aunt’s B&B so that she can sell it and open her own tattoo parlor in Toronto.  What she doesn’t anticipate is to have to contend with major renovations and LJ who has fond memories of Charlie’s younger days.  Charlie doesn’t view her artistic endeavors in town as vandalism, it was creative expression – but some people never forget … or forgive.  Can Charlie find a way to resolve her feelings about the town and people she left behind?  LJ certainly hopes so…


Susan Lyons will have you smiling and remembering those ‘growing pains’ with only a twinge of embarrassment as you delve into TATTOOS AND MISTLETOE.  I love how Charlie forges her own path and doesn’t kowtow to other peoples ideals.  LJ won me over when he chose to overlook Charlie’s snarky attitude and love her despite his parents’ opinions about her.  This story shows readers that there’s real beauty in simply being yourself – without any pretense.   


THE NAUGHTY LIST may be marketed as a Christmas book but in actuality it’s a perfect ‘feel good’ book for any time of year.   Each author’s voice resonates through their individual story while sticking with the naughty theme which makes this a wonderful read.  Looking for a bad boy out to change the world?  What about a good girl brainiac who’s only Christmas wish is to be very bad?  And of course, even tattooed artists with an axe to grind enjoy a little mistletoe and merry making.  Take a break from the hussle and bustle of the holiday season and rather than worrying about being nice so that Santa leaves those gifts you desire, imagine how much more fun you’d have if you’re on THE NAUGHTY LIST.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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