About that Night

Author: Julie James

Publisher: Berkley Sensation

Release Date: April 3, 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Rylann Pierce and Kyle Rhodes once shared a steamy walk home from a local bar during their graduate school years. They had a date planned but when Kyle’s mother unexpectedly dies, everything changes and they go their separate ways. Nine years later, Rylann is facing Kyle again, this time in the courtroom. As an assistant U.S. attorney, she is prosecuting Kyle as the “Twitter Terrorist”. When he shut down Twitter with a denial of service attack, Kyle was sent to prison. But he is out now, perhaps permanently as long as the U.S. attorney drops the case. Kyle is shocked to see Rylann but not for long. He remembers her determination and grit and it just seems like fate has brought them together again. But just when he is finally released, a free man once again, Kyle is being brought back into the U.S. attorney’s office for another case and it is Rylann who has to convince him to help.

With Kyle and Rylann back in each other’s lives, the chemistry is back again. But Rylann has to keep things professional as long as Kyle is needed on the stand. Rylann can do it but once the case is done, all bets are off and Kyle is ready to show Rylann that their time has finally come. This confirmed bachelor has finally met his match.

ABOUT THAT NIGHT is Julie James’s best book to date! Kyle and Rylann have a deep and interesting history that permeates the pages. Neither has forgotten their first meeting and somehow, that attraction has only deepened. Rylann is a consummate professional, ambitious and intelligent. She is excellent at her job and enjoys being an assistant United States attorney. It is her calling and it shows. Kyle is feeling a bit lost after being in prison but he does have a plan and he is already setting it in motion as the story opens. This is not a man who relies on his billionaire father or his heritage. Kyle is brilliant, after all, he did get sent to jail for those computer smarts, but he is also a good businessman and he is ready to take computer security by storm, the legal way. I absolutely loved how these two started to get close, even with the constraints of their busy professional lives. They slowly revealed layers of themselves that made their romance deep and true. And sexy! This is definitely Julie James’s sexiest book to date. Kyle and Rylann share some very heated love scenes that are edged with plenty of lust, amusement and just the hint of true, resilient, ever-lasting love.

I also enjoyed getting a look at Kyle and Rylann’s lives outside each other. Both lead robust lives with circles of close friends and interests outside of work that round out their characters, making them seem very three dimensional characters. And just like real people, jealousy and hurt sometimes get in the way of expressing their real feelings. Julie James portrays this relationship as very true to life, with problems and misgivings sometimes getting in the way. These are not perfect characters which is yet another reason I liked this book.

ABOUT THAT NIGHT should be on every contemporary romance readers’ April 2012 to-buy list! It is utterly enchanting, sensual and fabulous. Julie James gives a robust voice to contemporary courtships! Amusing and sexy, Julie James books are flirtatious temptations for every reader.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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