A Little Wild

Author: Kate St. James

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: November 8, 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5

Format: EBOOK

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From Tess Sheridan’s perspective, sex equals trouble and heartbreak.  And with her eye on making partner, she doesn’t want any trouble or heartbreak in her personal life screwing things up.  Then her best friend dares Tess to let herself go a little wild and find a man she wants to burn up the sheets with.  The catch is, Tess has to not fall in love with the guy.  Tess is convinced she can win the bet.  Then she meets sexy charmer Zach Halliday.  Zach turns her on like no other man has, but the laid-back businessman who’s determined to leave his father’s company and forge his own path comes with some big complications.  Namely, Tess’s firm represents the Halliday family corporation and her involvement with Zach leads to some sticky situations.  It’d be best if she could break things off with Zach - professionally and personally – before she loses her heart and the bet.

Author Kate St. James has delivered sexy characters that’ll surprise you in the wickedly entertaining A LITTLE WILD.  Tess is a dedicated young lawyer with a good heart and a strong mind.  Ms. St. James makes Tess feel like she could be one of your friends, which makes it easy to become invested in her story.  Zach, in turn, has a reputation for being a little wild himself.  But underneath that carefree charm is a sharp mind that just needs direction.  I loved watching both Tess and Zach come into their own over the course of A LITTLE WILD.  Surprisingly enough, their personal growth engaged me more than their hitting the sheets – that’s saying something since Ms. St. James definitely doesn’t skimp on the heat factor.  Things get more than “a little wild” in bed, on the phone and elsewhere in this story.

A delightful subplot involving Tess’s best friend Chloe and Zach’s brother Ethan keep A LITTLE WILD going strong even when mistakes and misunderstandings in the main plot threaten to bring the story down.  All in all, I enjoyed A LITTLE WILD and I think fans of red-hot contemporary romance will enjoy Tess and Zach’s book.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Lily

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