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Making the Grade by Marie Harte

Brian Goode is in a tough spot. With all his friends getting married, and his sister in a relationship with not one, but two men, the love bug is hovering around his heart, ready to bite. Trouble is, he’s tired of playing a field full of gold-digging women.

Then there’s Faith Sumner. She’s gorgeous, genuine, and turns him on without even trying. Time to suck it up, ask her out, and pray their blazing attraction won’t dissolve into another lukewarm disaster.>>>Read Review


Back for You (A Forsythia Falls Story) by Anara Bella

Take My Breath Away (Cabin Fever Novel, #1) by Christie Ridgway

All the Wright Moves by Aliyah Burke and McKenna Jeffries

Mostly Magic by Donna June Cooper

All You Need Is Love by Marie Force

Bad Boys of Crystal Lake, book 3 - The Day He Kissed Her by Juliana Stone

Second Chance Boyfriend - One Week Girlfriend Quartet by Monica Murphy

The Lemon Orchard by Luanne Rice

Up By Five (Counting on Love, Book 5) by Erin Nicholas

When We Met (Fool's Gold, #13) by Susan Mallery

Deeper by Robin York

A Simple Hope by Rosalind Lauer

Jaded by Anne Calhoun

The Cowboy of Valentine Valley by Emma Cane

Talk This Way by Dakota Cassidy

Betting the Rainbow by Jodi Thomas

Staged to Death by Karen Rose Smith

Sold: (The Auction - Book 1) by Jaymie Holland

Hopeful by Shelley Shepard Gray

SEALed With A Kiss: Heroes With Heart by Gennita Low, Sharon Hamilton, Marliss Melton, Elle James, Stephanie Tyler, Teresa Reasor, Delilah Devlin, J.M. Madden

Her Forever Hero (Lost and Found Series- Grif) by J.M. Madden

The Sweetheart Rules, A Sweetheart Sisters Novel by Shirley Jump

At The River's Edge - The Chesapeake Diaries series by Mariah Stewart

Lost in New Falls by Cherie Marks

Melting the Ice: A Play-by-Play novel by Jaci Burton

More Than Magic by Donna June Cooper

The Wilde Sisters, book 3 - Lissa: Sugar and Spice by Sandra Marton

Giving It Up by Amber Lin

A SEAL's Kiss by Tawny Weber

Thunder Point, book 4 - The Chance by Robyn Carr

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Back for You (A Forsythia Falls Story) by Anara Bella, Cain’s well aware that he screwed up when he left Forsythia Falls and Thea with nothing more than a ‘Dear Jane’ note, but now he’s back and prepared to go after his woman – only she’s not exactly chomping at the bit to get her heart crushed by him again. Read Review>>

Take My Breath Away (Cabin Fever Novel, #1) by Christie Ridgway, TAKE MY BREATH AWAY (CABIN FEVER NOVEL, #1) has romance and love but also darkness, strong and sexy characters, a wonderful storyline and was not at all what I expected. So looking forward to continuing this series with book two, MAKE ME LOSE CONTROL. Read Review>>

All the Wright Moves by Aliyah Burke and McKenna Jeffries, Warrick has his work cut out for him when the woman he wants is determined to not be caught. How can he win her heart when she won’t give him a chance? Read Review>>

Mostly Magic by Donna June Cooper, MOSTLY MAGIC is a continuation of the first story, MORE THAN MAGIC, but it can be read as a standalone. It has a more leisurely pace than the first one, and at three hundred fifty-five pages it is quite a satisfying read. In MOSTLY MAGIC, Ms Cooper takes us on a beautifully detailed tour of Florence, Italy, before bringing us back to the enchanting mountain of her first book and the characters we met there. Read Review>>

All You Need Is Love by Marie Force, ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE, GREEN MOUNTAIN #1 is the start of a wonderful new series by Marie Force. It's a rollercoaster ride for Cameron and Will as the chemistry between them is combustible but they have to work through coming from two vastly different places in their locations, lives and family backgrounds! Read Review>>

Bad Boys of Crystal Lake, book 3 - The Day He Kissed Her by Juliana Stone, Mac had escaped his abusive childhood and is now a successful architect, but his family and friends keep drawing him back to his hometown. Now back for the Memorial Day weekend, he meets Lily, the mysterious woman he had spent one passionate night with. As the two decide on a temporary, physical relationship, Lily finds herself falling in love, but can she get past the walls he has built up around his heart? Read Review>>

Second Chance Boyfriend - One Week Girlfriend Quartet by Monica Murphy, This is the exciting conclusion to the ONE WEEK GIRLFRIEND series by Monica Murphy. SECOND CHANCE BOYFRIEND is simply amazing! You have got to read it! Read Review>>

The Lemon Orchard by Luanne Rice, Two people who face the loss of a daughter find comfort in each other. Julia's daughter is dead because of a car accident. Roberto's daughter may still be alive and just lost. Read Review>>

Up By Five (Counting on Love, Book 5) by Erin Nicholas, UP BY FIVE brings caretaker Conner up against his crewmate Gabby. There's fireworks, romance and love as they fight their attraction and what's been right in front of them for the last two years. What a great ending to a wonderful series! The Dixons and their friends will be missed. Read Review>>

When We Met (Fool's Gold, #13) by Susan Mallery, WHEN WE MET is another homerun for Susan Mallery. It may be FOOL'S GOLD #13 but there is a fresh and wonderful storyline with new characters along with the ones we've grown to love. Whether it's your first time in Fool's Gold or a return trip, pull up a chair, relax and get ready to be transported. You'll be glad you did! Read Review>>


Deeper by Robin York, Caroline gets texts from everyone she knows telling her about the naked pictures that her ex put up all over the internet. She is left feeling mortified, worthless and hopeless. She walks around college knowing everyone has seen her naked and that they all think she’s a slut. When West defends her she finds herself drawn to him. Maybe all isn’t lost after all. Read Review>>

A Simple Hope by Rosalind Lauer, Travel to Lancaster county and join James Lapp and Rachel King as they face many trials in their young lives. Read Review>>

Jaded by Anne Calhoun, Small town life is anything but ordinary in Walkers Ford, South Dakota. Librarian Alana Wentworth and chief of police Lucas Ridgeway have enough passion between them to set this town on fire. Anne Calhoun writes Small Town, America, with wit and passion! Read Review>>

The Cowboy of Valentine Valley by Emma Cane, This is one valley I would definitely enjoy visiting. Valentine is a quaint town in a pretty setting where everyone knows everyone and cares about their neighbors. Read Review>>

Talk This Way by Dakota Cassidy, Flynn is a boy-next-door type. He is responsible, by the book, responsible and somewhat stuffy. Catherine is night to his day. She is carefree nonconformist who is afraid to commit. Can Flynn convince Cat that he’s worth hanging around for? Read Review>>

Betting the Rainbow by Jodi Thomas, Once again we go back to the Texas town of Harmony to check on the lives of the characters we have come to know. I love this Texas town and the entertaining characters. Read Review>>

Staged to Death by Karen Rose Smith, Get cozy with a book of romance and some murder on the side. Read Review>>

Sold: (The Auction - Book 1) by Jaymie Holland, Christy Clarkson finds herself being a willing participate in a charity auction. Many of the bidders are into BDSM. Christy is new to the BDSM scene; she is looking for an experienced Dom to introduce her to the lifestyle. When she learns her ex-boyfriend, Zach Nikas, is in attendance, she heart begins to hope he will be the one that claims her winning bid. Read Review>>

Hopeful by Shelley Shepard Gray, Come for a visit to Sugarcreek, Ohio and meet Miriam Zehr and her friends. Read Review>>

SEALed With A Kiss: Heroes With Heart by Gennita Low, Sharon Hamilton, Marliss Melton, Elle James, Stephanie Tyler, Teresa Reasor, Delilah Devlin, J.M. Madden , What do you get when you combine eight award winning authors in the same book? Then, mix in overabundance of sex appealing military heroes? A romance book that takes romance to a higher standard, one that electrifies the ultimate sizzle! Read Review>>


Her Forever Hero (Lost and Found Series- Grif) by J.M. Madden
 When Kendall Herrington’s father hires Grafton ‘Grif’ Parks as a security guard, she feels he made a mistake. With his disability, she fears he will not be able to do the job as a security guard. As she sees him in action, she realizes his injury does not take away from his position, nor can she ignore the sex appeal he radiates. One lonely Christmas night, she finds herself sharing a night of passion with Grif, when day breaks; she has no idea of the consequences that will complicate her life for this one night of ultimate joy.

The Sweetheart Rules, A Sweetheart Sisters Novel by Shirley Jump
 THE SWEETHEART RULES is about two people who are torn between love and duty. Passionate, wily, comical and fast moving, this story will keep anyone reading past his/her bedtime.

At The River's Edge - The Chesapeake Diaries series by Mariah Stewart
 All of the characters in this series by Mariah Stewart are a breath of fresh air. I enjoy finding out what the new people in town have to say.

Lost in New Falls by Cherie Marks
 Kate Delaney had her heart broken as a teenager in New Falls, Tennessee. The boy who broke it ten years ago, Quentin Taylor, is now the Sheriff of New Falls. Kate has literally moved on with her life, moving from New Falls to Los Angeles. She’s finished her education there and earns her living as a writer. Circumstances bring her back to her old home town where she runs into Quentin. It seems she’s never gotten over him, even though she tries to tell herself that she has.

Melting the Ice: A Play-by-Play novel by Jaci Burton
 Carolina and Drew shared a wild night together back in college. Unfortunately for Carolina's heart, that was all it was, just one night. Now Drew is back in her life and she is determined to ignore the attraction that is still between them. But Drew is not going away and this time, he is in the game to win her heart.

More Than Magic by Donna June Cooper
 Somewhere in Appalachia is a magic mountain. Plants and herbs that have curative powers flourish there. Grace Woodruff lives there. She comes from a long line of Granny Witches. Granny Witches were women who used herbal remedies to cure the sick, as well as help in childbirth. Grace is a very modern woman. She’s studied to be a doctor, but has returned to her roots on the mountain.

The Wilde Sisters, book 3 - Lissa: Sugar and Spice by Sandra Marton
 At one time chef Lissa had a promising career as did Nick, who is a famous actor in Hollywood. But when fate steps in, Lissa finds herself suddenly unemployable and Nick suffers a serious injury. Meeting for the first time when he hires her as a cook for his family ranch in Montana, the attraction between them is undeniable and they soon wind up in bed together. But can they trust what they have found in each other, or is this just the latest step in their downward spiral?

Giving It Up by Amber Lin
 Allie and Colin are both broken and damaged from what life has thrown at them...can they find comfort at last by loving each other?

A SEAL's Kiss by Tawny Weber
 Navy SEAL Aidan has desired Sage for a long time, but since she is the daughter of his mentor, a professor, he considers her off limits. Still, when he returns home to find that the professor is dying and Sage is telling everyone that she is engaged to Aidan, in the hopes that the joyful occasion will extend her father’s life, he cannot refuse her. However, one of his conditions is no sex, which Sage refuses to accept and takes as a personal challenge. Will she be successful in her mission to seduce Aidan?

Thunder Point, book 4 - The Chance by Robyn Carr
 Recuperating from a gunshot wound obtained while rescuing a young girl from a cult, FBI agent Laine rents a house in Thunderpoint, taking the time to make some decisions about her career. When she meets the local mechanic shop owner, Eric, who has a shady past of his own, she finds her love life being brought back to life. But will the law enforcement agent be able to cope with dating an ex-con?

Devlin’s Dare (Tryst Island Series, Book 5) by Sabrina York
 A negative foodie review puts bakery owner Tara on the warpath and what better way to make food critic Devlin pay for his insults than seducing the man and then stealing his jeans? It’s a battle of one-upmanship and dares that will have readers chuckling out loud and imagining a little creative dares of their own.

Heart of Ash (Tryst Island Series, Book 4) by Sabrina York
 For some people TRYST ISLAND is just that – a place to engage in casual hookups and rich playboy Ash certainly felt that way. It’ll take one innocent and naïve woman to change his mind – but will she be able to win the HEART OF ASH before he completely breaks hers.

Theirs to Cherish (Wicked Lovers, Book 8) by Shayla Black
 Callie’s spent years on the run for a crime she didn’t commit and she’s afraid she’s gotten a little too comfortable in her present circumstances – especially considering she’s fallen in love with the club’s master, Thorpe as well as a new Dom, Sean.

Smoking Holt (Tryst Island Series, Book 3) by Sabrina York
 Nothing seems to be going right in Bella’s life – until Holt busts her in the middle of a one woman pity party and sets out to show her that his brand of loving could help make everything seem better.

Dragonfly Kisses (Tryst Island Series, Book 2) by Sabrina York
 When a radio shock jock and a reserved cellist cave into their mutual desire they discover that DRAGONFLY KISSES are exactly what they need to give them the strength to face an uncertain future.

Rebound (Tryst Island Series, Book 1) by Sabrina York
 Kristi and Cam have spent years secretly lusting after each other. Now they’re single and are about to take their friendship to an all-encompassing passion – and what better place to do that than Tryst Island?

Bound (The Mastered Series, Book 1) by Lorelei James
 Avery’s a strong, independent woman who isn’t going to take any guff off anyone – until she crosses paths with Ronin and discovers a whole different kind of satisfaction in letting someone else assume control.

Lucky 7 Bad Boys - Naughty Vegas Nights by Tawny Weber
 Trying to help her ailing aunt, Tasha temporarily takes over running her lingerie company. Hoping to obtain a contract that will simplify her aunt’s life, Tasha attends a lingerie conference in Vegas. There, she comes face-to-face with Drew, the man who ruined her for all other men. Will one weekend of passion with the man she has never forgotten turn her love life around?

Four Weddings and a Fireman by Jennifer Bernard
 Fireman Vader wants nothing more than to marry the woman he loves, but Cherie has turned him down twice. Cherie has a secret past, one she fears will catch up with her and the last thing she wants is for Vader to get hurt in the process. But Vader is determined to find out why she runs hot one moment and cold the next, even if he has to seduce her into it.

Home to Seaview Key by Sherryl Woods
 I have been a reader of Sherryl Woods’ books for years. I think her books just keep getting better with time.

Wild Child by Molly O'Keefe
 Molly O’Keefe is a fairly new-to-me author. I like her books about small town America and all the entertaining characters that live there.

Shoreline Drive by Lily Everett
 Fall in love with a cranky veterinarian, right along with the woman and child who capture his heart.

Marek's Gift (The Moretti Men, Book 2) by Anna Dynowski
 MAREK'S GIFT (MORETTI MEN SERIES, VOLUME 2) is an inspirational contemporary romance that has a lot of religion in it which is integral to the storyline and makes the characters who they are.

The Great Escape by Amanda Carpenter
 THE GREAT ESCAPE while a contemporary retro romance has such overtones of darkness through it. Dee and Mike start out as adversaries but forge a connection throughout their game of cat and mouse.

Riding For A Fall, Model Citizens by Henry Pepper
 A bird's eye view of life with celebrity models with a psychopath hot on their trail.

Ticket to Ride (Red Velvet Christmas) by Ana Raine
 The discovery of a BDSM magazine hidden inside a favorite game has Taylor questioning if maybe his lover, Addison is bored with their relationship – at the same time there’s no denying that the idea of submitting is extremely exciting.

The Family Simon, book 1 - Tucker by Juliana Stone
 Three years after his wife’s disappearance, Tucker is still trying to come to terms with it. With his cousin’s upcoming wedding, Tucker’s mom is set on him bringing a date. Confiding in his friend Abby at her family’s bar, he finds himself asking her to attend with him. But when they arrive in Key Biscayne, they are forced to share a room because the hotel is booked solid. Soon he begins to see Abby in a different light.

Winter at Mustang Ridge by Jesse Hayworth
 Agreeing to fill in at the family dude ranch while her twin takes a vacation, globe-trotting videographer Jenny is soon swept up into a romance with Nick, the new local vet, agreeing that the relationship will only last while she is home. But as time melts away, she finds herself falling in love. Can she convince Nick to continue their relationship when she leaves, or will he end things when her time in town is up?

All That I Desire (Grayson Friends #10) by Francis Ray
 ALL THAT I DESIRE brings back most of the family members we've met before in the other books in the GRAYSON FRIENDS SERIES. It was quite the reunion at a charity auction that would benefit the music department at St. John's College where Ruth Grayson is the chair. Sit back and relax as you read the final installment in such a wonderful series.

Going for Four (Counting on Love, Book 4) by Erin Nicholas
 GOING FOR FOUR is Olivia and Cody's story and it does not disappoint. There are flames shooting from the pages and not just because he's the Fire Chief and she's his administrative assistant. Sit back and relax but bring a fan - you will need it!

Serendipity's Finest, book 3 - Perfect Together by Carly Phillips
 After discovering an attraction to a small town detective, Nicole realizes she cannot go along with her parent’s plans for her, including a loveless marriage. So she calls off her engagement and returns to Serendipity. Sam has not been able to get Nicole out of his head, but he has been burnt once in a relationship. However, when she returns to town followed by danger, he will do whatever it takes to protect her.

Baiting the Boss by Coleen Kwan
 When Grace Owen travels in search of her bosses' grandson, she doesn't expect to fall in love with his island lifestyle, or the man himself.

Scandal on the Sand - The Billionaires of Barefoot Bay trilogy, Book 3 by Roxanne St. Claire
 Nate wants to turn a new leaf and put his wild ways behind him. Liza wants nothing from Naughty Nate save for his signature on a document denying his parental rights to the boy she wants to adopt. Is Nate daddy material? Or will he take the son he knew nothing about?

As Hot As It Gets: Out of Uniform Book 10 by Elle Kennedy
 Elle Kennedy's sizzling OUT OF UNIFORM series comes to a fantastic conclusion in AS HOT AS IT GETS. Jackson “Texas” Ramsey is everything readers have longed for in this concluding story.

The Bad Boy Billionaire's Girl Gone Wild by Maya Rodale
 njoJane has written a historical romance based on the faux engagement she is involved in with billionaire Duke. They entered into the arrangement so that his scandalous reputation could be repaired by her lily white one and gain him investors in his latest venture. But the notoriety of her book may cost him his investors and his company. Still her new, wild persona is irresistible to him. Can he woo her for real or will he lose everything?

The Cowboy's Mail Order Bride by Carolyn Brown
 Fulfilling her grandfather’s last request, Emily travels across the state to deliver a box of letters, including one recently delivered letter that has been lost in the mail for sixty years, to Clarice, a woman he only met through their correspondence. Having agreed to take a month off from the ranch he left her to explore her options, she agrees to work temporarily as Clarice’s assistant alongside her tempting grandson, changing Emily’s life as she knows it.

Valentine Vote by Susan Blexrud
 Courtney Larson, a willful and beautiful female lobbyist, and Eric Morrison, a seriously handsome senator, straddle the fence on their personal views concerning tobacco. This leads to romantic complications between them in this story by the classy author Susan Blexrud. Do they uncover their true feelings for one another? VALENTINE VOTE delights and inspires!

Suddenly Cinderella, book 3 - The Cinderella Seduction by Hope Tarr
 With the family business about to go under and a huge loan coming due, Stefanie agrees to stall the lender, tycoon Nikalaos. Due to his playboy reputation, she plans to seduce him into forgetting the loan and is shocked when he arrives with his young daughter. As Stefanie takes the two on a tour of the city, the seduction heats up, but she doesn’t count on losing her heart to the man and his daughter. Will their business dealings ruin any chance of a future together?

The House on Main Street by Shirlee McCoy
 Interior Designer Tess McKenzie returns to Apple Valley to take over her late sister's estate, but finds much more is waiting for her then just an empty house.

Love Game: Matchmaker, Book 3 by Elise Sax
 Murder, romance and mystery all await in Ms. Sax's next MATCHMAKER novel, LOVE GAME. It is a must read for fans of her witty character, Gladie Burger.

An Enticing Debt to Pay by Annie West
 He doesn't know the meaning of forgiveness - or love. But she does. Will he learn both before it is too late?

Just Like Heaven (Sweetland Book 2) by Lacey Baker
 JUST LIKE HEAVEN is a nice read that brings us back to Sweetland. Loved the little bit of mystery that was thrown into a contemporary romance.

All That I Need (Grayson Friends #9) by Francis Ray
 ALL THAT I NEED has family at its core and is a slow paced romance that had so many ups and downs that I savored each time Lance was able to open up about his feelings. The Graysons once again do what they do best - bring family together, make friends feel like family and have enough love to share.

Busting Loose - Roped and Wrangled series by Kat Murray
 Kat Murray is a fairly new-to-me author. I love her sassy women and hunky cowboys book.

Dirty Deeds #1: Dirty Deeds by S.E. Jakes
 Cillian is an agent working for Special Branch 20, an organization that runs Black Ops for the British government. He is used to being on his own. Mal’s used to being on his own too. Wanted in several states and countries, he is sent by Prophet to tail Cillian. What started out as an unwitting game of cat and mouse exposes a long ago secret that could destroy both of them forever.

A SEAL's Salvation by Tawny Weber
 When Brody is caught misbehaving with the sheriff’s daughter, Genna, he is forced to join the Navy, where he finds his niche, quickly becoming a SEAL. Ten years later, Genna sends him a letter, and soon they heat up the mail with naughty messages. But when a mission goes wrong, Brody returns home a different man. Can Genna bring her favorite badass back to life?

This Is Who I Am by Cherise Sinclair
 Honest, emotional, sexy, thrilling…THIS IS WHO I AM is all that and more. Cherise Sinclair is THE powerhouse BDSM romance author and her talent shines through in THIS IS WHO I AM.

Down Range, Shadow Warriors series, book 1 by Lindsay McKenna
 I have read Lindsay McKenna’s books for a few years but never a military themed one. I like this new SEAL-themed romance series and think it will attract both soldiers and civilians alike.

Sea of Love - Bayberry Island, Book 1 by Susan Donovan
 This is the first novel I have read by Susan Donovan. Susan has a way of making you want to jump ahead to see what the next chapter will bring.

The Doctors MacDowell, book 2 - The Doctor's Former Fiancee by Caro Carson
 In medical school, fellow students Lana and Braden become engaged. But during his residency Braden decides that being a doctor is not his forte, so he sets off to pursue a business degree. In the interim, problems ensue and their engagement ends. Six years later, they meet again as he pulls a grant from her research program. Although he also hopes to gain closure, he finds she is the one for him. But can he convince her?

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